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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Christmas God-particle

Each year 'round about now there seems to be a bit of confusion among hedonists, pagans, atheists and fallen away Christians and even non-Christians as to why the magic and miracle of Christmas still beckons them in spite of their beliefs or non beliefs. Right now, perfectly committed non-anythings are slipping out to buy Christmas trees, decorate their homes, bake cookies, wrap and give gifts. Is it a human glitch? Or is it a hidden God-particle?

The mystical "je ne sais quoi" of Christmas that transcends and raptures us all - Jews, atheists, gentiles, Christians, rich, poor, young and old is the subtle reality of December bursting alive in spiritual realms with angels, light, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and God the Father set ablaze each year by the Holy Spirit. Without the mystical God-particle, Christmas each year would become just another boring trip to Disneyland. Christmastime withstands time and inspires emotion not because of human greed and unbridled materialism, but because God is in it, driving it, through it, beyond it, above it, saturating it and loves when we participate in it, no matter who we are. Christmas is alive in everyone's hearts, if we let it, because God is alive. Because he lives, we live!   By br. gary joseph, author of NDE testimony book, "Proof of the Afterlife."
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