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Monday, September 18, 2023




As Tribulation Saints, vegetable gardening and foraging in fields for wild greens and edibles become your main source of nutrition and food staples. Here are some important gardening tips to assist you, your family and friends to band together and weather the storm.:

1.) Keep garden seeds frozen in a zipper bag. They can last almost indefinitely until you need them.

2.) Miracle Grow is the best nitrogen fertilizer to have with your garden supplies.

3.) In the absence of Miracle Grow, University of Michigan conducted a substitute study safely and effectively using human urine diluted by 5 parts water to 1 part urine.

4.) Human waste is toxic and may not be used in gardening. However, farm animals, cows, chickens, sheep and goats waste have been used as fertilizer for 1,000s of years and is perfectly safe to enhance a garden's productivity.

5.) In the absence of "Sevin Dust", most garden pests may be controlled with a substitute mixture of 1 quart spray bottle water to 1 tablespoon Dawn dish detergent. Add 1/8 cup of vinegar additionally to also control molds and fungus. Hay and leaves make good mulch to hold nutrients and moisture. Too much can cause infestations. Also, plant vegetable rows in raised beds (mounds) to promote drainage, sun, air transport and a healthy environment for plants to grow.

6.) Plant onions, garlic and potatoes early spring.

7.) Plant lettuce, Swiss Chard, herbs and other leafy vegetables mid spring.

8.) Plant all other crops late spring or start indoors in pots mid spring and transfer to the garden after the last frost.

9.) In the fall, some crops may be trimmed and mulched with autumn leaves. They often return in the spring without replanting.

10.) Hope this helps!

Brother Joseph +





As the Bride of Christ, the Church, waits for Jesus Christ the Bridegroom to arrive at any second, now is the time to have our lamps filled with the oil of charity. In this short video are eight "Quick Tips Before Leaving To Go Home" to use our waiting time wisely, not foolishly as the others in Jesus' wedding parable had done.


Thursday, September 14, 2023

After being dead of a heart attack in 2005 for 30 minutes I wrote a book telling the tale, "Proof of the Afterlife 2" (contains books 1/2). Chronicles almost 20 years of aftershocks crossing over to other dimensions, communicating with good beings of light. They have been consistently speaking about UFOS and aliens. Here is their warnings: 1.) Aliens are not of this world. 2.) UFOs are manufactured here in the underworld, oceans and mountains by aliens. 3.) Most shocking, aliens are interdimensional fallen beings of light. 4.) Disembodied spirits, they kidnap humans and drain blood from animals to create reptilian clones. 5,.) Their endgame is to deceive humans that God does not care about the Earth. 6.) They are here on Earth to lead, guide and control humans. 7.) The final endgame, after the deception and captivity of humans, they to destroy the Earth from one corner to the other. 8.) Be warned, UFOs and aliens are NOT our friends. 9.) Anyone who wishes, entertains and looks for these interdimensional fallen freaks opens portals that cannot be closed, to their own demise. 10.) Reported contact aftershocks continue forever with unrelenting anxiety, confusion, anger, panic attacks, night terror, cuts and bruises that do not heal. PLEASE BE WARNED: ALIENS AND UFOS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS! Many may think this is a joke. They may not heed the warning. However, when a person realizes this is correct and insightful after opening portals, it will be too late for them to turn around and run from alien grips. They have higher powers than humans, but because they are fallen, they use their powers for pure deception and evil. Here is a playlist from a channel created on YouTube to warn people of the BIG LIE that is coming to the news very soon.