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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Make this Christmas Season a time of peace and let it begin with me . . . Pass it on!

Adam's Apples

Ivan is an insanely optimistic preacher who takes in convicts to help around the rural church he ministers to. Adam is a vicious neo-Nazi anxiously biding his time before he can return to hell-raising. Hired as Ivan's new helper, Adam immediately decides to shake him out of his rose-colored stupor.

Available on DVD or stream from Amazon or Netflix.  Click here.

Throughout history thousands of babies have grown up to be kings, but only once has a king became a baby!

Monday, December 3, 2018


Crank up the music!

It's December 3, 2018 and "Mercy Homeless Productions" presents this movie-short "Santa Clause is Coming to Town!" It's the Season to celebrate that, "We are all beggars at the doorstep of God's mercy". Celebrate! Become a volunteer by helping to serve 80,000 + homeless in Southern California and beyond. Just leave a message in the comments or email 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Religious movements and prophets have come and gone.  Only ONE Person glorified weakness. Only ONE Person accepted shameful and humiliating death on a cross as the path to exaltation. Only ONE Person conquered the world through His death, death on a cross. And Only ONE Person rose from the dead.  He is now exalted by God.  He is "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords!"  Jesus Christ!

Sunday, November 25, 2018


The True Story of How an Out-of-Control Egotistical Captain Humiliated the First Officer and Caused an Air Blue Airbus A321 to Crash!   

July, 28 2010 near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, killing all 146 passengers and six crew on board flight 202:  After listening to the cockpit communication, it becomes clear that the Captain premeditated at some point during his take-off tirade (1 hour long) humiliating the First Officer (FO) and then purposely ignoring certain headings from ATC. Inputting computer errors was just another device the Captain used to terrorize the FO, even more so than his tirade.

The Captain was consciously hell-bent on exerting egotistical power and control over the other man in the cockpit, the FO. In the secret recesses of his mind, he plotted to take the FO for the "ride of his life" over the next 1.5 hours.  The Captain, by mixing the computer controls up a bit with blatant errors, now holds the keys to life and death, the ultimate power trip. 

His premeditated actions are meant to assume power and instill fear and control over FO. The Captain then surmised that in the end, he would augment his domination by being a hero and saving the day with his aircraft (AC) knowledge and flying prowess. The Captain believed that after this flight, the FO will know for certain who is "top dog" and "alpha male."

Unfortunately, the Captain got in too deep with his mind games and could not dig himself out. As Captain, he believed he had absolute control over the FO and the AC. Ironically, he falls victim to his own devilish devices. Something greater than he, i.e. the weather and the automation of the aircraft become the ultimate power struggle winners in this air crash. 

The Captain, haughty and proud, just seconds from disaster is humbled and then in a flash is broken and crushed as the AC disintegrates into the side of a mountain, missing the airport by 4 miles. The First Officer is redeemed in this story by the ultimate humiliation and destruction of the dominator. 
In God's world, victims are exalted while the haughty and proud are brought low.  And so the meaning of Christmas speaks to us from the rubble Air Blue flight 202:

"Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:" Isaiah 40:4

Peace & Joy

This is Santa Claus’ busiest season delivering to 80,000+ homeless in the region. To get ready we put up a small Christmas tree while writing and sending in today’s mail 200 Christmas greetings. Look for yours in the US mail celebrating both the poverty and the homelessness of Jesus which brought Him both Peace and Joy on that first Christmas 🎄 day!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving for our Homeless Family

It was all smiles this November-Thanksgiving time for our desert-based homeless family in Indio, CA living under a park canopy where two are wheelchair bound. The Servants of the Father of Mercy delivered Granny Smith apples, $10 Subway Gift Cards, oranges, bottled water, new sneakers, purses filled with feminine hygiene and more. 

Become a volunteer homeless Servant.  Email us at

All Smiles!

It was all smiles this November-Thanksgiving time, our homeless family in Indio, CA living under a park canopy where two are wheelchair bound and all beg each day for their every need. The Servants of the Father of Mercy delivered Granny Smith apples, $10 Subway Gift Cards, oranges, bottled water, new sneakers, purses filled with feminine hygiene and more!

Friday, November 16, 2018


We say "thanks be to God!" this Thanksgiving for all we have.  St. Francis said all good and all success comes from God.  The only thing we humans can own and gift to God are our failures, weaknesses and brokenness.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Help the Homeless to "Eat Fresh" this Thanksgiving Day!

Who would like to help sponsor $10 Subway Sandwich gift card that the Servants of the Father of Mercy will deliver to the homeless this weekend?  Sponsor one person for $10 or 30 homeless persons for $300. Donate online at in increments of $10. May God bless you for your kindness and compassion for the poor this Thanksgiving season!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018



1.  Teach them and say with them a morning and a night prayer.

2.  Teach and say with them a prayer before meals - "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. Amen!"

3.  Teach them and go with them to church each Sunday.

4.  Teach them and go with them making random acts of kindness - visit a nursing home, make holiday crafts for the old folks, help the homeless.

5.  Teach them humility. We are first and foremost a child of God and we are made to "know love and serve Him."

"Train up a child in the ways of the LORD: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Please like and share this message with moms, dads and families!  Prayers, Bro. Joseph +

This is a public service announcement of the "Servants of the Father of Mercy, Inc." and "Mercy Books" publishers on Amazon of "Proof of the Afterlife 2 (with book 1)", "St. Joseph's Table Cookbook" and large format prayer cards for kids and adults.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Good Morning Sunshine!

A live update from the "Servants of the Father of Mercy" in downtown Los Angeles, Saturday, October 27, 2018 where the morning sun has risen on Cici, one of our 80,000+ sleepy, tired, hungry and thirsty homeless family living under bridges, behind dumpsters and on the streets of Southern California.  Be sure to share the love in your heart by donating to our American Missionaries serving 80,000 + homeless in SoCal and beyond!  Online at

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Go Fund Me - Click on the Photo to Donate!

Go Fund Me!


A native of Ventura, California.  Cody has been homeless on and off since he was a child.  Now at age 25, through the help of the Catholic missionaries, "Servants of the Father of Mercy" and people like you, one month ago he left Todd Road jail and enlisted in Ventura's "New Hope Sober Living Home."

Now in November 2018, Cody remains at "New Hope" attending two AA meetings a day and through Brandon, the house manager, Cody successfully submits to frequent and random drug/alcohol testing, Now, in November Cody is taking victory by the horns and beginning another new month being clean and sober.

But that's not all!  November comes with a full-time job that also blesses him with built-in friends, paid work, breakfast, lunch and a great team of guys sharing the same struggles, hopes and dreams.

Life is moving fast for Cody right now, but in a good way. We need continued funding at $600 a month for his housing and program fees for the next 10 months. 

Also, Cody must immediately restore his driver's license at the DMV.  His boss is counting on him to be driving company vehicles very soon.  One-month DMV class-work and fines is $500.

Lastly Cody needs $500 monthly for incidentals, work pants/shoes, groceries and medications.

All totaled, taking Cody off the streets and fulfilling his young dreams, hopes and inspirations is an investment costing approximately $15,000 over the next ten months.

We are so very grateful for your love, heart and compassion for our beaten and lost young homeless men that Cody has proven can permanently rise out of the ashes with your help and kind financial gift.

At the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Private Association, Servants of the Father of Mercy, Inc., a 501 3 (c) nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation all donations are tax-exempt. 

Thank you for giving.  (Click on the photo above)

You are in my prayers. May the peace of His poverty be yours.

God bless you!

Bro. Joseph, Founder +

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Homeless in Camelot - The Movie

Palm Springs to Palm Desert, California and from Indio to La Quinta, California, the poor, dehydrated and destitute homeless live in the shadow of movie stars and limousines as well as millionaires and mansions.  

Starring our desert homeless family, Sunday, October 23, 2018.  

Please pray and support the missionary work of the Servants of the Father of Mercy.  Since 2001, like Domino's Pizza, we deliver to 80,000 + homeless in Southern California and Beyond.  

View our other videos at "Mercy Homeless Productions" on YouTube. 

Donate at

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Homeless in Camelot!

Live shot Palm Springs, CA - Sunday, October 21, 2018 . . .  Unfortunately, a multitude of homeless people living in the shadow of Camelot's movie stars and millionaires' luxury. #palmsprings, #homeless, #desert