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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oohs and Wahs

D.T. writes regarding the blog ... "oooh , neato, their sad lives on the web for all of us to consider/judge/cry about...wah! I think taking pictures or gathering the stories of the miserable plight of homeless people while proselytising about Jesus (and his supposed homelessness) is worthless; designed to tug at our heart strings and make us thank our lucky stars. That is unless you're also documenting EXACTLY what you are doing about it and how you're HELPING THEM. And come on, a woman has unprotected sex with some other hobo, ends up pregnant (God knows what shape that newborn is going to be in) and I learn about how she sleeps in a diesel laden truck-stop yard...and I'm supposed to do what??? Shake my head and think, "what a shame, oh poor thing..." or better yet find the nearest soup kitchen and volunteer my time? ... [the author of this blog, rather than sensationalize homelessness should] initiate a project/plan to house these non-working, drug-addicted, un- or under-educated, unhealthy (physically/spiritually/mentally) and provide real assistance to them rather than merely putting them on display to feed the curious voyeurism of the privileged."
08.27.07 1:15p

M.D. writes regarding the survey question... "If by 'salvation' we mean moral transformation, and that's what I mean by it, then personal wealth is not a strong indicator of such. In fact, it may be an indicator of the opposite." 08.27.07 4:00p

M.E. writes ... "What the survey statement [survey is below, Do you believe ...?] is actually saying (correct me if I'm wrong) is 'Do I believe that the greater a person's wealth, the greater his chances of salvation and the more evidence of God's favor?' My answer is 'no' but my comment is that wealth can be a hindrance to salvation but so can many other things. In Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, and Luke 18:25, Jesus was addressing his listeners' belief that wealth and prosperity were signs of God's blessings. Salvation is ONLY available through Jesus Christ, and a financially poor person is no more superior spiritually than a rich person if he has not acknowledged how utterly depraved and lost he is without Christ's work on the cross in his behalf." 08.27.07 3:07p

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