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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recognizing the Obvious Requires Moral Responsibility and Accountability

We know that God exists in the poor because, despite all the evidence that they are with us, some people still ignore the poor and act as though they don’t exist – much in a similar way to how some deny the existence of God. Many wish to think that the poor are nowhere to be found since they can’t see them from their homes. In the same way, everything around us points us to God, yet many turn their faces from him and pretend he does not exist either. In both cases, recognizing the obvious requires moral responsibility and accountability, thus many remain in blindness because they do not want personal responsibility or accountability. Ignorance and indifference toward the poor is also indicative of ignorance and indifference toward God and therefore can be argued that it is one of the proofs that He exists in the poor.
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