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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ankles and Shoes, Ankles and Shoes

From the eyes of a lowly homeless person seeing from below not high . . . Lying on a subway platform begging for food they see laces and very few faces. Sitting protected in the shade of a corner building, the homeless sees feet, not meat. The homeless poetry of Scott Abbott brings us . . .

“Ankles and Shoes, Ankles and Shoes”
by Scott Abbott

Ankles and shoes, ankles and shoes,

Submerged beneath the financial news,

A coin may be flipped, a coin may be tossed,

A soul self serving, a breakfast of frost,

Memory fragments, drew down the curtain,

Breathe still exhaled, reasons uncertain,

Herds of strangers with familiar laces,

Test acoustics of a concrete matrix,

Intruding upon a homeless muse,

Left with the vision of ankles and shoes.
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