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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Pity the Fool: A legendary actor uses his Christian faith to help motivate and inspire people to help the homeless

By Mr. T

“My celebrity status allows me an opportunity, allows me a pulpit to preach and reach out to the people. Not even always preaching but just leading, motivating them by being a leader.

“In Los Angeles I take food and clothes to the Midnight Mission the homeless shelter. Ever since ‘Rocky,’ I've gone down there quietly—I never call the press and say, ‘See me helping the people!’
“My mother told me, ‘Son, nobody else but God knows.’ And that’s what I’m about—reaching out to the people, crying with them, giving them hope. Visiting the hospital, visiting the kids with cancer, visiting the adults, and stuff like that. That’s what I do. And so the show sort of reflects those things, and gives me an opportunity to raise people’s spirits, inspire them to help others, to give them hope.

“The show is called ‘I Pity the Fool’, but we’re not calling nobody a fool--everybody knows that that’s my saying. It's not derogatory in no way, I guarantee that when people see the show they’re going to be surprised and they’re going to be hooked because it’s nothing like what people think. It’s a reality show [but] we’re not eating worms, we’re not naked, we’re not having sex with nobody, we’re not wrestling pigs and stuff like that. It’s me doing my thing, but this time the cameras are with me.

“I use my celebrity status to inspire someone, to give them hope. I tell them where I grew up—on the South Side of Chicago. I tell them how I was born and raised in the ghetto, but the ghetto wasn’t born and raised in me. About how I loved and respected my mother, how my mother used to teach us to bless our food, and reminded us to be thankful for what we had. She said if you can appreciate what little you have, God will give you more. And that’s what I think happened when I look back on my life.”

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newguy40 said...

I knew there was a reason that I liked Mr. T.

Any man that listens to his mother can't be bad.