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Friday, December 2, 2011

A, B, C, D, F?

Just as the commercialism of Christmas season can in its very nature deter the Christian from seeing Christ in Christmas, so too the business of our daily lives can lead us to forget to seek Jesus in the poor. Of course, we rely on our local church, pastors and leaders to help keep us focused.

Recently a new poll was launched. The following question is asked: Jesus commands us to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty. How would you grade your local church's "report card" in this regard?

Please scroll down to near the bottom of this main page and cast your vote. Participate in this and all the Homeless In America polls. Your opinion counts!
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Donate! to the poor homeless at or post checks to - Servants of the Father of Mercy, Inc., P.O. Box 42001, Los Angeles, CA 90042. All Donations are Tax Deductible.

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