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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love of the Giver

By St. John of the Cross

Some value themselves in proportion to the number of their good works, forgetting that God cares more for the motive or our actions than for their quantity, and that far fewer works would be better pleasing to Him, were they accompanied by warmer love. With love, a small alms, or a fast from one meal only, will content Him better than much greater austerities and gifts without it. So the widow who gave her two mites pleased Him better than many who gave far more, because of her truer love.  God s greatness appears in this, that no service, however great counts for much before Him, if not rendered with the whole heart. For why should He? He Who has need of nothing, and Who cannot increase in riches or in any other good, care for aught that can be given to Him, except for the love of the giver, which is so precious a present that none can rightly refuse it? This gift God desires so strongly, that He punishes all with eternal death who withhold it from Him. Who can be so little covetous as He Who has no need of anything we can offer Him? Or who is there that longs for our hearts as keenly as God does, seeing that He sends to hell those who refuse them to Him? Even if we love Him, He is not contented unless we prefer Him above all else.  St. Augustine cried: "Lord, Thou commandest me to love Thee, and dost threaten me with misery unless I do so!" Let your chief care be to love our Lord. It is for this purpose He made you (St. John of the Cross, Letter 144).
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let Jesus Christ Be Praise!!!! I been homeless 6 times...yet God loves me still....I down lastly with nothing left. I end up in the psych ward, now living in the nursing home...who came with sorrow with a crave for love!!! Oh yes St. John of the Cross is my mystery saint along the way who help me to continue to pick my cross plus many rejected crosses that I end up carrying that for The Lord out of love and forgiveness....who can deny that love and mercy of God does not exist beyond the souls of the unknown strangers who roam around the streets, the fields, the cities, or the mountains....I love my Lord and all my brothers and sisters too. I don't have much to give but my arms to hug, my heart to open with flows of love, my kiss for your cheeks of God's holy kiss for you, and to kiss your tears from your eyes, my soul to dance with yours as well, my arts I drew or paints or color to give away to send you joys or to cherish that love with memory of smile....what more, a song I sing aloud I'm Deaf and am disable I cannot hear your voice but my heart can hear other speak to me within my heart and soul!!!! What a joy it is that I am not homeless at all with in the eyes of my God when I am truly homeless....I am truly rich inside my soul when I lost everything's, everything's....but really I didn't lose everything's, I have everything's just what I needed all along......JESUS!!!!! Gave me everything's just what I have it all inside my heart!!!! I gain complete peace, joy, love, faith, hope, salvation, conversion, mercy, grace, security, name it all!!! I am doing just wait....I'm doing super great!!!!!! Walking side by side hand in hand with my Lord knowing His Promises it Truth!!!! I admit, I have good and bad days....but deep inside He is the best He can offer me all of Himself to me and I got everything's I needed it is Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour He knows what it best for me for as long I stay withing His Divine Will. And stick to it and I will be just fine and my day go smoothly that way, and it is His way. That is the way it work as it was said that He is the way, the truth, and the life...the living water and the light of the can my day go wrong for as long I stick to His Divine Will?!?!

Let love and peace rule your heart and soul for Jesus Christ will rock and roll your heart and soul!!!

Yours in Christ Jesus, God bless you all.