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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The True Meaning of Halloween

To most everyone, Halloween has become synonymous with harmless fun-making and masquerading; sadly many Catholics (even some who profess to observe the traditions of our Faith) regularly participate in (and even host) annual pagan-like celebrations with witches, etc. which nowadays have become associated with Halloween. It is then, necessary to clarify the true meaning of Halloween.

The origin of the word HALLOWEEN indicates to us clearly its true meaning. It comes to us from medieval English: 'HALOWEN' or 'HALWEN' which means literally: saint or to make holy, to sanctify; and as well: to reverence, to honor as sacred, to venerate. The very root of the word reminds us that Halloween is the 'holy-evening'; it is the eve (the vigil) of the feast of All Saints - 'All-Hallows' (celebrated November 1st). Thus, it is a day of preparation for the glorious feast on which we honor and venerate the men, women and children who through the merits of Our Lord's cross have attained to the eternal bliss of paradise.

Catholics and all Christians alike should not imitate the pagan customs of the Celtics and druids that eventually got mixed into the Feast. Instead they should teach their children the afterlife in heaven and the lives of the saints and encourage them to imitate the saints not only in costume but most especially in the practice of the virtues.

Christians should sponsor parties that infuse and underscore the holy meaning of Halloween.  But please do not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Halloween is a Christian celebration, keep it and celebrate it properly!

Conversely, Christians and Catholics should refuse to attend any parties that treat Halloween as a pagan celebration of witches and darkness.  On the contrary, they should band together like the Servants of the Father of Mercy’s “Youth & Family Night” October 24th 6pm Halloween celebration with Western Barbecue dinner and sharing stories of the afterlife and the saints. This then is the true meaning of Halloween.  Feel free to come dressed in Western attire, saints and angels.

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