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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Poverty Creates Community

“Poverty created cosmos and community, wealth creates chaos and selfishness.”  Cf. Genesis 1:1

God created from nothing, then Jesus left everything and became nothing - He redeemed and recreated us all from nothing but chaos. We empty ourselves of pride and possessions so He can fill us with everything.  Become nothing!

"La pobreza crea cosmos y de la comunidad, la riqueza crea el caos y el egoísmo." Cf. Génesis 1: 1

Servants of the Father of Mercy,1544 Morse Avenue , Ventura, Ca​, Wilber Baires Cantautor​Friday, Viernes, June/Junio 26th, 6 pm - 9pm. Free concert, gratis!

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Anonymous said...

Some wealthy give a lot out of their poverty because they are generous and often create something out of nothing in their emptiness. Yet many wealthy give in comparison a little bit out of their vast riches. Jesus said to the rich young man, "If you want to be perfect, give all that you have and come follow me." He went away sad because he was very rich. Matthew 19:21