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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sock Hop for the Homeless

Well, here's the report from the Sock Hop dinner and dance held at the Servants of the Father of Mercy, Youth and Family Night this past Friday night.  Sr. Pius Mary welcomed the students but reminded everyone that there will be no kissing, no holding hands, no smoking and certainly no tobacco chewing.

Alice Maes (89) was out on the dance floor with her cane doing the original "Stroll."  Angela Chavez and the ladies had everyone doing vintage swing dances.  Maggie May made her private recipe coleslaw and Bro. Gary dished out fresh made  crispy fish and chips.  Frances was the winner of the poodle skirt in the raffle.

Everyone that attended was generous donating bags of fresh socks for the homeless.  The team made about 400 sock, soap, shampoo hygiene kits with a rosary and prayer card in one quart zipper bags.  The kits were delivered the following morning.

Enjoy the pictures!

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