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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Inspiration and a Word from Agent X

Picking up our cross and following Jesus means going to the place of shame, pain, and despair in your community and bearing God's image there. It likely involves humiliation, patience, and suffering. These things are powerful when they reveal God to his creation. Mountains bow down, valleys stand up, crooked places straighten out and make a highway in the wilderness for our God. I am learning and growing and striving to live like this stuff matters. I hope my life (and this blog) play a prophetic part in his apocalypse.  By Agent X (photo), Texas blogger since 2011


Rons x club said...

I'm learning how awesome this can be as well. I was deeply into life as a Pentecostal for about 15 years, then got divorced and began running away from Jesus. 15 yrs later now I've been homeless and destitute and today began helping out at our local meal site. All day has been a blessing, good food, a shower, got to do laundry, renew some friendships, and best of all felt good walking and talking to the friend who sticks closer than a brother.... JESUS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing brother Ron!