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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


1. Friday, August 26th, 6pm to 9pm "Youth and Family Night" fall dinner and treats for the team. At this annual event the adults, moms, dads and kids decorate pinecones and place them in clay pots and in September we visit area nursing homes and give the crafts as gifts to old folks for their nightstand or tray table. Great way to get into the fall spirit at the Servants of the Father of Mercy HQ, 1544 Morse Avenue, Suite A, Ventura, CA 93003. Tel (310) 595-4175 Bring guests.

2. Saturday, August 27th, 11am to 1pm StreetReach serving the homeless with delivery of supplies in downtown Los Angeles under the bridges, alleyways and city streets - food, water, clothing, rosaries, love, hugs and more. Meet at 11am sharp at St. Peter's Church, 1039 North Broadway, Chinatown, Los Angeles, 90012. Tel (310) 595-4175 Bring guests.

3. The second, third and fourth Sundays in September, 2pm to 5pm volunteer team lunch, prayer and planning meeting to do a better job serving the 80,000 + homeless we help in the region. Attend any Sunday - great way to get plugged in when you have a Sunday afternoon available and enjoy a great lunch too! 1544 Morse Avenue, Suite A, Ventura, CA 93003

4. Fall Team Mass with Fr. John Neiman, Friday September 30th, Mass at 6pm, dinner to follow. There will be a Mass music practice here the night before at 6pm for musicians/singers that can make it.

5. There are important independent services one can help the homeless, self-directed, on your own time schedule with family and friends - collect hotel soaps and shampoos from people who travel, gather gently used clean men's socks and underwear, bags of men's jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Also collect gifts of snacks such as Smart & Final 24 count variety chip packs, Costco 50 piece cookie and crackers assortment, turkey jerky, fruits/Jell-O/Pudding cups, 24 count bottled water, etc.

6. Independently you can host a youth and adult 50s sock hop at church or at home, play the music of the times and guests bring socks for the homeless, theme the event with burgers and ice cream sundaes, etc.

7. A person can contact online resources such as Puma, Adidas, Fruit of the Loom and other manufacturing plants for donations of shoes and clothing for the homeless by going through the company's email system. They can supply 80,000+ homeless in the So Cal region with whatever they can give, new or seconds - ship to Servants of the Father of Mercy, 1544 Morse Avenue, Suite A, Ventura, CA 93003 All gifts are tax deductible.

Let us know if you see anything you would like to do? You will gain eternal graces for you and your family for serving the homeless when you can!  Contact Bro. Gary Joseph at (310) 595-4175

Here is some more information . . .

Donate to the 80,000 + homeless ...served in Southern California since 2001 by Servants of the Father of Mercy, Just like Domino's Pizza, "We Deliver!" - Food, water, clothing, shoes, socks, hygiene kits, rosaries, loves, hugs, prayers and more from Orange County to Los Angeles, Ventura County, Indio, Palm Desert and Cathedral City, California. Donate to 100s of dollars in truck maintenance, insurance and fuel costs online at

Servants of the Father of Mercy, IRS 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, tax-exempt California Corporation Association of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and listed in the Official Catholic Directory.


Agent X said...

I wish I could be there. Sounds fun. I would love to be a part of the love you are sharing out there in California.


Anonymous said...

Wish you were here!