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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Only Jesus can make something beautiful out of a broken life . . .

Please pray for our dear homeless brother, Cody.  In the morning he has an interview with a grower in their plants sales department.  This dear boy has been raised in group homes and foster care from age 12 - 18.  Now he suffers, hurts inside and is broken just like all of us in so many varied and different ways.  Only Jesus can make something beautiful out of the rough edges and pieces of his shattered life.  

Today, Cody created a handmade card for his best friend, "brother" Cookie who died in a motorcycle accident when he was 20, two years ago.  Cody wrote a beautiful and tender message of love and loss, we attached the 23rd Psalm to it.  Cody tossed it off the Ventura pier in a bottle to begin its journey to Cookie's heart.

Each homeless person has a unique story and it always begins just like ours, with moments of loss and years of brokenness.  Blessings, and thank you for your prayers for Cody!   bro. gary +

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