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Monday, April 2, 2018

Celebrate Easter - All 50 Days to Pentecost!

It’s not too late (Easter is 50 days until Pentecost) to make homemade Italian Easter bread and wow your taste buds, family and friends! Help 80,000 homeless family by ordering the book today at! (You will also receive a free eBook!)


OK the page number for grandma's and my Aunt Sarah's Easter bread: The recipe is in St. Joseph Table Cookbook page 78. I just made 1/2 recipe and it worked very well by cutting the ingredients in half, making six "smedium" loaves of bread. I did increase the Anise and I added a little orange liqueur Grand Marnier.

To make the dough rise I warmed the rising bowl before using it and used hot water but not too hot to kill the yeast and I warm the oven to 175° and turned it off and let the bread rise covered in the oven for about one hour.  Right before baking, be sure to beat one egg and brush the tops for a nice glaze. It is not necessary to braid with Easter eggs.

You can do it without the hard-boiled eggs in the picture! Also, you do not have to braid, just form into loaves and place in bread pans or shape round loafs on greased cookie sheets.


One half recipe fits very well in a home-style Kitchen Aid Mixer, letting the dough hook do all the work for you.  If you make 1/2 recipe kneading by hand is easier too, much less work than making the whole 5 pounds of flour.  But if you have helpers or young at heart, go for it!

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