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Monday, May 19, 2008

Don’t Worry Be Happy


I have a message for all who feel that God has abandoned them, for all who think their life has no meaning anymore, for all who think that they have lost everything and that nobody cares.

Ten years ago I would never had thought that my life could change so drastically. I thought I had achieved everything in life. I had a wonderful wife, wonderful kids and wonderful everything. But my pride was bigger than all I had, and of course God didn't like that! In about one year, I lost everything. Due to severe depression I had to leave my home.

After a while I couldn't find a job, and I couldn't pay a rent....and of course I was kicked out. Then my mother, my first great love died. I was homeless and I visited all the shelters I knew of, and all said the same thing - "My friend this is not for you, you'd be safer on the streets." Could you believe that? So that was it, I had it. There was no way out! No more reasons to live for! Nobody who cares! Nowhere to go, not even a shelter! That next day I woke up with only one thought. To get rid of myself, I was not worthy to exist. There was nothing left to live for! But, I prayed - "Dear God, you know I love you. My heart knows that suicide is wrong, but my mind doesn't. So please forgive me for what I am going to do." Then suddenly, at that very moment the suicidal thoughts were gone like magic. It was an immediate answer to my prayer.

That same day a friend of my former landlord offered me a job, and another job, and then they gave me shelter until I was able to pay my own place. I became an assistant to an elderly man. One night he was so very sick and I prayed like never before. He recovered right away with his eyes wide opened saying that he saw Jesus and that he now believed in God. He passed away two days later and God gave him a chance to repent and save his soul.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, do you still think that God has abandoned you? Do you still think that He doesn't love you anymore? Don't worry so much about yourself; God is taking care of you! So use your time helping others that is why we are here! God bless you, Alfonso

Many thanks to Harriet, the founder of Disabilities Ministries for referring today’s story to HIA. More on the Internet at:

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Anonymous said...

May God continue to Bless you, and everyone, please pray for my wellness and the success in an endeavor I'm doing for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

John-Michael, a young boy with severe cerebal palsey recently had a kidney removed with a cancerous tumor. He will begin his chemo therapy soon. His parents are great and mighty Catholic Christians, but also on the private side. I will update when I'm given more information. Thank You, Lord, for John-Michael, his illnesses, and the parents you gave him to help him while he's in this life. John-Michael's entire life has been a wonderful means of redemptive suffering for the whole family. May they continue to persevere in the race and find the peace of God through every twist and turn of their lives, which have been dedicated to Christ and His Church for many, many years.