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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prayer for the Homeless, Migrants and Refugees

Compassionate God, make your loving presence felt to the homeless refugees, torn from home, family and everything familiar. Warm, especially, the hearts of the young, the old, and the most vulnerable among them. Help them know that you accompany them as you accompanied Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in their exile to Egypt. Lead refugees to a new home and a new hope, as you led the Holy Family to their new home in Nazareth. Open our hearts to receive them as our sisters and brothers in whose face we see your son, Jesus.

Father of the poor, God of love, you made us all your children; we praise You and thank You. Full us with a sense of justice. Help us in your work, to take the side of the homeless, the struggling, the lowly, to defend the newcomer, to welcome the stranger. Help us now to befriend the friendless, protect the weak children, and work for the rights of all. Lord, on our journey home, bring us together in peace, in justice, and in love, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i wonder where homeless refugees and asylees live in US?
It looks like that ORR and Catholic Charities are not very helpful. By the way, i dont understand why in Catholic Chatities do they hire ignorant and rude people to answer their toll free number? Why Catholic Charities never answer their e-mails, or their email are not valid like this one: