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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crawling Under Bridges in Chattanooga

Recently, on our one-year anniversary of almost daily publishing triumphal insights into everyone’s poverty and “homelessness,” we gratefully received a wonderfully encouraging review that hopefully will inspire you to subscribe and to invite your family and friends to subscribe to Homeless in America. Brother Ron writes… “Words, for all of their power, cannot express the depth of gratitude I feel for your website and the work you do. I am a Gregorian monk living and working among the homeless in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I live and work at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen where I serve as the Outreach Case Manager. So, I crawl under bridges and go into abandoned buildings, crack houses, in to the woods, wherever the broken need help. I also wash feet. Our foot ministry has very practical benefits for the homeless, but is truly a direct conduit to the Living Christ for me. Your website has become a very vital part of my morning prayers and I feel so connected to you in my heart, in my spirit and that vast landscape of the solar plexus. I thank God for your voice.” Br. Ron

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