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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

Speaking of mercy for the poor, here is an outreach of compassion to the “spiritually bankrupt poor” whose time has come! You might have heard of, an outreach to those in the porn industry. Craig Gross founded and now has written a new book published by Zondervan, The Dirty Little Secret - Uncovering The Truth About Porn.

Among other activities, Craig's work takes him and his team to the annual porn conventions in Las Vegas and Los Angeles where they set up a booth and attempt to engage producers, vendors, actors and porn buyers in a dialogue that will lead them to freedom in Christ. This summer, they handed out 4,000 - yes, 4,000 - "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" bibles in Los Angeles at the Convention Center.

Porn is no doubt flourishing in our churches. Guaranteed! There's no way of knowing how many lives, and how many families, have been wounded by it. Yet we never talk about it. The Dirty Little Secret might provide a way to begin a conversation about mercy and compassion for those men, women and youth who are being stalked by its lure.

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