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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Born on a Journey and in the Silence of Homelessness

Rene Vaoillaume
Jesus came into this world, but he did not tell anyone, even those who were closest to him, who he was. If had entered the world in a home in Nazareth, his coming would have been celebrated with great rejoicing by all his relatives and all his neighbors and all those who lived in the town. But he was born on a journey and in the midst of a great number of unknown people. So he really does belong to everyone – and he came reticently making no noise. There is no doubt that God might have been able to do much more to spread the news of his coming, but it is clear that he does not want to thrust his son upon us. He wants us to come to him. We have to discover him. Yes, Jesus is infinitely reticent. He waits. All the historical events surrounding Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem at the turn of the age proclaim God in the silence of words. They were prophetic events speaking in silence to all the generations that have followed. But they are not in any way insistent, demanding to be understood at once. Jesus is patient. He has time.

Father Rene Vaoillaume left this world in 2003, however he left behind the legacy of founding the Little Brothers and Sisters of the Gospel.
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