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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's the Last Week of Advent, Christmas is nigh and Jesus Speaks ... "Behold I am coming soon!"

The Bible tells us that we must not only live in the Spirit, but also, we must walk in the Spirit. In our modern-day language, we often speak about a “way of life” or “walking-the-talk.” Coincidentally, Christians were first referred to in Acts chapter 9 as those who “belong to the way.”

With that point made, it could be said that everyone is on a pilgrimage. Being unsettled in this life is the condition of each human’s journey. Thus, homeless brothers and sisters living on our streets and in alleyways should be of no surprise to any of us. In actuality, we are all - each and everyone homeless. In that case, should we not reach out to the homeless and unite with them in our identical journeys?

Further, the fact that we belong “to the Way” denotes a pilgrimage and underscores the homelessness of each follower of Christ. The Way warns us that we are each involved in a purely physical activity of getting from one place to another. Each of us has an uncommon amount of restlessness and getting about that is part and parcel the nature of the Christian pilgrimage. The “Way” also warns us that we have no permanent abode here on earth.

Since we are all homeless, all of us on a pilgrimage, so then, what is the Goal of it all? The Goal is God himself, His first-coming in Bethlehem, His coming through repentance and conversion in each heart that receives Him, His coming at the moment of death and His soon Second Coming again. Jesus speaks, “Behold I am coming soon” (Revelation 22:12). Have you embraced your homeless journey (the sign of which is reaching out to the poor and homeless) or has materialism, sin, the enemy and comfort attachments deceived you into thinking that you have a home here on earth?

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