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Friday, April 10, 2009

Homeless Heroes at the Resurrection

As we meditate this Holy Week on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, we reflect ... Some say the predominately homeless disciples of Christ made up the whole story of Jesus’ resurrection. Why? What would they gain from it? They were homeless, publically hated, run out of town and eventually all but John would be killed. John was exiled to an island. What did they gain from proclaiming Jesus’ resurrection if it were not true? As they were being killed and tortured, would not at least one of them have recanted if the whole idea was somehow contrived for ulterior motives?

The chances are, the more people who claimed that Jesus had been raised from the dead, the greater the odds someone would recant it; but that never happened. Some will argue that many have died for good causes and maybe they were duped into believing. What about Paul, who was on the fast track to becoming one of the top leaders in his country, why would he suddenly join his enemy and follow a homeless man with a bunch of homeless disciples? The homeless have always been suspicious in every society; labeled “losers” and “mentally unstable.” Why would a man of Paul’s standing align himself with people like that, if not for good reason?

Paul himself left his cushy life behind and joined the homeless vagabonds. He was ship wrecked, homeless, beaten, stoned, left for dead, impoverished, on the run, and imprisoned for one reason, and one reason only, he wouldn’t stop talking about the resurrection of Jesus. So when you see a homeless person, one may wish to respectfully serve them and then inquire how it might be that they are mystically united with the homeless Christ, His disciples and intregally tied to His resurrection. Happy Easter!
What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, loving and gracious.

Anonymous said...

I loved this!