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Friday, March 19, 2010

Saint Joseph - Patron Saint of the Homeless

Saint Joseph, of the house and lineage of David – he is the faithful servant put in charge of the Lord’s house. “The Lord has put his faithful servant in charge of His household.” Luke 12:42

Almighty God, you entrusted to Saint Joseph the protection of the Holy Family, a homeless family while finding a manger for Jesus to be born and with Mary, fleeing Bethlehem for Egypt to find a safe sanctuary. Grant today that your Church may sustain all the poor homeless with the same fervor and devotion of St. Joseph. This we pray on the feast of his day, Amen.

You alone Lord can bring us home, and so we humbly pray:

R By your touch, grant us peace!

You called Saint Joseph to be the foster father of Jesus:
- grant us the grace to follow in his foot steps to be father, mother, brother and sister to the lost and the lonely. R

You chose Saint Joseph to be the protector of the Holy Family:
- grant us the grace to protect the rights of the poor, the marginalized, isolated and underserved. R

You provided a safe haven for the Holy Family, while homeless and on the road in Egypt:
- grant us the grace to shelter the homeless, clothe the naked and feed the hungry. R
Pray an on-going Servants of the Father of Mercy devotion to the Holy Fathers of Christ - God the Father and Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Visit -

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