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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Denny’s Holiday Experiment

Last year, at this time of the Holidays, you may remember the homeless received Subway $5 Sandwich Deal gift cards. This year, on Thanksgiving Day, it was a little different. The homeless received Denny’s $6.50 breakfast or lunch gift cards. The cards parallel Denny’s new menu, $2, $4, $6, $8. It is safe to say this Holiday experiment was a BIG hit! The cards were donated along with handmade greeting cards created and given by the teens of the youth group of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Santa Paula, CA. The touching sentiments in the cards, combined with the hope of a hot breakfast brought tears to many homeless eyes. We remember especially the 3 poor migrant day workers, hungry, cold and alone in the park. We also remember, the “family” of six homeless persons who begged for more gift cards as they were very hungry.

Between now and Christmas, please make it a point to visit the Servants of the Father of Mercy website and sponsor 1 or 2 Denny’s gift cards (or as many as you wish) to be given out in your family’s name on Christmas Day. 100% of your donation will go directly to a homeless person. God bless you for your compassion and mercy for the poor homeless we serve. Donate at:
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1 comment:

newguy40 said...

Another inspiring story and I thank you for making this known.
I hope and pray that more folks see this type of simple yet effective giving in action.

I keep power bars and water in my truck to hand out and also buy sandwiches at a local Safeway to give out to homeless folks I encounter. But, this Denny's card is so much better!