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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeless Angel

Artist and sculptor, Robert Borson, has an innovative approach to expressing the heavenly virtues of humility and poverty with the celestial holiness of angels in this unique and inspirational sculpture titled, “Homeless Angel.”

The Homeless Angel embodies a familiar literary motif – the idea that angels can appear in unexpected places and may not always be immediately recognized for what they are. In this work (photo) an angel with a broken wing pushes a creaky shopping cart laden with symbols and icons of major world religions along the sidewalk. The sculpture juxtaposes mystical elements (wings, religious icons) with gritty reality (cigarette butts, broken glass, shabby clothes). “Homeless Angel” is sculpted with welded aluminum and Winterstone, standing 22 in. high, 48 in. wide, and 17 in. depth. There are more angelic works by Robert Borson at
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