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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Success!

On Sunday, November 28, 2010, the “Denny’s Holiday Experiment” was blogged here at HIA. In the article, we reminisced how this past Thanksgiving, it was discovered amidst cries of joy and tears of appreciation, the homeless really enjoyed receiving breakfast/lunch gift cards from Denny’s. In November, through a couple of generous donors, 26 - $6.50 cards were donated. The gift cards were randomly presented to homeless men and women sleeping on the streets and riverbeds of So Cal’s, Ventura County.

Since that article, one gentleman emailed and said, “What an inspiration, great idea!” He donated $10 online at toward this coming Christmas outreach. God bless you. The owner of a restaurant in LA heard of the coming Holiday giveaway and donated $20. One woman, so touched by the idea, generously gave $50. A musician and his family sent in from Phoenix, AZ, $200 – all the proceeds from his recent music work.

All totaled, for this new Christmastime giveaway, $280 has miraculously arrived, thanks be to God. The good news? The Denny's cards will immediately touch 40 homeless men and women by providing them with the opportunity to experience a basic necessity that most Americans take for granted - a hot breakfast or lunch. The gifts will be passed out randomly over the Holidays and are loaded up with $7 each. Strategically, the $7 card value parallels the new Denny’s recession buster menu which provides for lots of choices. It’s called - $2 - $4 - $6 - $8 (photo). God bless everyone that participated!
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