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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Message from Brother Lucidus that Homelessness is Okay, “Our Home is in Heaven”

Saint Francis [once] issued a letter “On the Ideal Friar Minor,” a letter which was not carved out of the air, but in which he employs traits and character of all his most faithful brothers. “The perfect Friar Minor,” said Francis, “must be as true to poverty as Bernard of Qunitvalle, simple and pure as Leo, chaste as Angelo, intelligent and eloquent as Massero; he must have a mind fixed on high, like Giles; his prayer must be like that of Rufino, who always prays, and whether he is awake or sleeping, his mind is always with God; he must be as patient as Brother Juniper, strong in soul and body as John de Laudibus, loving as Roger of Todi, and like Brother Lucidus he must not settle in any place, for when Brother Lucidus had been more than a month in one place, and found that he was beginning to like it, then he would leave at once, saying ‘Our home is in heaven.’” (Excerpt from the Doubleday Image Book, St. Francis of Assisi by Johannes Jorgensen)
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