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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ted Williams' Story

Ted Williams, a homeless man with a golden voice recently became a viral sensation on the internet after a reporter with The Columbus Dispatch nabbed video footage of him displaying a “Golden Radio Voice” while panhandling alongside the freeway in Columbus, Ohio. Ted’s YouTube video has been tearing up the Internet, garnering more than four million views. Now possible broadcast job opportunities are coming his way.

At one time, Williams had a promising career in radio, but he lost everything after becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. The Brooklyn native — who has been living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio for four years — has been sober for the last two.

“I’m gonna be going to New York, hopefully this afternoon… I apologize. I’m getting a little emotional. I haven’t seen my mom in a great deal of time,” Williams said during an appearance on CBS’, The Early Show Wednesday. “She doesn’t believe [what’s been happening to me]. She’s 92. She lives in Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. … One of my biggest prayers that I sent out was that she would live long enough for me to see me rebound or whatever, and I guess God kept her around and kept my pipes around to maybe just have one more shot that I would be able to say, ‘Mom, I did do it before,’ — I might pass away before her or whatever, but my dad didn’t get a chance to see this. But God is good.”
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