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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corporate Sandwich Boards or Charity?

Some are chilled to the idea that wearing an ice cream logo can help keep the homeless warm. Should companies give for the sake of giving instead of treating the homeless like a NASCAR racer blanketed in an avalanche of logos?

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Some homeless now have commercial sponsors: they're sporting warm winter jackets with logos for Ben & Jerry's ice cream helping to raise money for a bunch of nuns who aid the needy. Is this a case of being “corporate sandwich boards” or receiving charity?

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1 comment:

newguy40 said...

I will say both. But, you did not give that option so I will (in all charity) vote charity. :)

Is there some corporate exploitation? Yes and regretably so. But, is this example so bad?
The company I work for takes part in a semi annual events where employees from various local companies bring in food for a county foodbank. We can make cash donation which are matched by the company too. So, all this gets alot of local media play in the papers and on line. Which ever company collects the most food for the food bank "wins" and gets a big trophy and photo's with the sponsors in the paper. At the least, we are helping feed the hungry.