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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Preacher Poll Closes

Today, a poignant poll comes to a close. In it, our readers for the past twelve months provided their opinions about broken, yet inspired, residing in many of our churches around the country. Bloggers were asked this question . . .

“Jesus chose prostitutes, a midget, fishermen, homeless disciples, tax collectors and an accomplice in murder to preach. Today’s preachers are selected for intelligence, degrees, MMPI psychological profile and success. In your opinion, why is this so?”

Interestingly, no one felt that Jesus’ selection method is obsolete today. About 25% assessed the fact that quite possibly liability insurance companies will not support Jesus' strategy and that could account for this discrepancy in preacher recruitment. Ultimately, more than 55% of Homeless In America voters responded saying, “Over the centuries, the church may have lost sight of who Jesus calls. “ Further, 10% felt it was all the above and another 10% felt it was none of the above.

In summary, on the issue of preacher recruitment, who specializes in growing Christian servant-leaders writes . . . “[Your church] may have delusions of grandeur and only want a famous [well-educated] name to lead you. This is the way to miss God’s best for your church. Finding a new pastor for your church is about understanding and obediently following God’s will for your church rather than following your own ambitions. The only guaranteed outcomes in the Christian life are a result of obedience to God’s will.”
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