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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You might be homeless when . . .

You are living with friends temporarily, on a floor or on a sofa.
Your name does not appear on any lease, rental agreement or mortgage.
You don’t have a mailing address.
You lack resources for personal care, a shower and a place to hang up clothing for interviews or work.
You are chronically living out of a recreational vehicle.
You have to urinate in a container or frequent libraries and coffee shops to use the bathroom.
You have purchased a gym membership in order to shower.
You live out of your car.
You sleep regularly in a sleeping bag.
You are exploiting yourself sexually in order to financially get by.
You consistently lack a good night’s sleep.
You consider crimes of theft to survive.
You have been a victim of crime.
Your shoes are worn and torn from excessive walking.
You sleep behind a dumpster.
You carry with your all your personal possessions.
Your personal items have been stolen or torched.
You have been harassed by law enforcement.
You have mental illness and/or addiction(s) that have gone untreated.
You lack dental care and are losing your teeth.
You have been taken into a shelter.
You eat only one meal a day at a church or rescue mission.
No one knows your name.
You fear dying alone and no one will know you are even gone.
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