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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Were Adam and Eve Homeless?

Throughout human history, homelessness is more common than one would think. The reality is that in most cases even today as it was so long ago, homelessness is usually a temporary circumstance -- not a permanent condition. A more appropriate measure of the magnitude of homelessness is to look at the number of people who experience homelessness over time, not the number of “homeless people” who permanently live that way. In that case, the numbers are staggering.

Today, a new quiz poll and survey is launched – Which Bible personalities experienced homelessness? For example, were Adam and Eve homeless? How about Abraham and Moses, or Mary and Joseph? If so, what might be the spiritual message hidden in the historicity of their lives and their stories?

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1 comment:

newguy40 said...

An interesting idea and thought.
Careful tho to equate social justice with the economy of salvation.

I've spent a couple days thinking about your post.

Were Adam and Eve homeless? Thru their lack of conformance to God's law, they were expelled from Eden and Death entered the world. Abraham homeless? Certainly he was obedient to God's command and left his home to found the Hebrew nation. Was Jesus "homeless"? Seems like he was for his ministry when he says that He has no place to lay his head. Of course, that has also been thought to mean his ministry was in the process of being rejected by his people.

Was Israel homeless during the Babylonion exile? Possibly. But, their homelessness was rooted in their apostasy. And, their return was due to God's forgiveness after they returned to Him.

Was St. Francis of Assisi homeless?

In all charity, let's look at what Christ commands us to do in mercy and charity rather than make up "interesting" stories and confuse those who we should be teaching the Truth.

Queen of Angels, Pray for us.