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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hosanna in the Highest!

Lord, the people thought that on the day when they cried out “Hosanna in the Highest” that they were soon to crown a powerful and mighty king who with his miracles and wonders he would conquer the Romans and bring them freedom. Yet, you disappointed everyone a few days later on the road to suffering and execution and so they deserted you. Who knew that the road to power was through brokenness, humility and crucifixion. They did know it. We do not know it. It is unhuman in our thinking. Yes, you were lifted up as the prophet said, but you were exalted on the cross, a different type of kingship and certainly a different way of being high and mighty. Your way is totally different from the kings, royals and powerful people of the world. It is the way of the homeless, the poor and broken.
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