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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Refresh your Friend's Hunger with your Bread

By Fr. Adam of Perseigne

 Therefore, dear friend, when a festival has rejoiced your heart, thanks to the love poured out upon it, think of me as sharing in the inward celebration and do not make the good conferred on you only your own, but in your happiness remember your friend, still a beggar outside. I say, break your bread for the beggar and your hungry friend. For in this you will prove yourself truly a friend if you refresh your friend's hunger with your bread. Your bread is Christ, your bread is charity, your bread is prayer, your bread is remorse expressed in your tears, by which you wash away not only your own sins but those of your friends. With such breads the holy prophet claims that he is refreshed day and night saying: "My tears have been my bread day and night." Surely the more he was fed by this bread the stronger he became to bear the burden of others.

Adam of Perseigne († 1221) was an abbot of a monastery in France and a counselor to nuns, priests and kings.
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