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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brief Reflections On Mercy

By Travis McGowen 

I have been preaching through the Gospel of Luke for some time now. One of the major themes of Luke is Jesus' ministry to the outcasts of society. He loves and cares for the poor, women, children, and sinners in general. Salvation is for all people, not just the Jew.

As I have preached through this book, I have been challenged on how I might personally apply these insights in my own life. I have been praying to God to be a more merciful person and to be able to show that mercy in everyday life. Now I currently work in the mental health field and I have to show mercy. I work with the outcasts of our society: the mentally ill, mentally retarded, wards of the state, etc.

Needless to say, mercy is on my mind a large portion of the week. I work with people who are much like I was: they are alienated from the community as I was alienated from the community of faith. They are in desperate need of God's mercy as I was and still in need of God's mercy. You see, I was saved by the mercy of God. God pitted me and he didn't even spare his own Son so that I might be saved (Romans 8:32).

My heart and mind has been helped by the insights of others on this subject. Phil Ryken has written an article on the relationship between Reformed Doctrine and Mercy Ministry. John Piper's sermon on John Newton warmed my heart deeply the first time I heard it. Finally, Tim Keller's book on the subject of mercy has been the most helpful non-inspired resource I have found. I am not the only one on this blog who is concerned about mercy, you can read Tyler's thoughts as he has reflected on the at . . .
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