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Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog VII

Is any among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is any cheerful? Let him sing praise. James 5.13

Welcome in! Our Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog is dedicated to pray for those dear to the heart of Jesus - the homeless, the poor, the abandoned, the crushed, and forgotten. Also, we pray for ourselves and all the "poor, suffering and homeless" in our lives.

Who do you know that is crushed, broken, lost, abandoned or hurting? Come, post as many prayer requests as you wish for yourself or others - first names or initials only. Your prayer requests will be printed and presented each day this week at one hour Adoration for the Lord‘s consideration, great mercy and compassion.

Pass it on! Let your family and friends know that even though we are often too busy for much prayer, take a minute here to post prayers; someone will daily pray for each and every request. Please return next Monday or any time this week and post new prayer requests.

Here is how to post a prayer request:
1. Click on COMMENT at the bottom of this post.
2. Click the circle Anonymous at the bottom of the page.
3. Type your prayer request in the box at the top of the page.
4. Use your first name or initials at the end of what you wrote.
5. Visually check your spelling (no spell check)
6. Fill in the wavy letters in the security box.
7. Click on publish and send it heaven’s door.
8. Have faith - about the size of a grain of a mustard seed.

Return tomorrow for the Tuesday Morning Praise Blog! Give thanks to God for His mercy and compassion and for answering prayers for all the "poor" in our lives!

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Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, just thought I'd inform you what's going on health wise. I've been on dialysis for the past year and a half and it's working well for me. Not on the transplant list yet...

About a week ago, my blood count went down to 8. Normal is 12 to 14so the dialysis center sent me to the ER and they kept me. After an endoscopy, they found a vein in the intestine below the stomach with lesions that was bleeding and fixed that. Then they gave me 3 units of blood and for the next few days I seemed to be stable with no drop in my blood count. You have to watch yourself when you go to the hospital, they gave me too much insulin and my sugar went down to 41. This happened to me once before. Then they brought me orange juice and being a renal patient, that's one of the worse things they could have given me, apple juice would have been better. You'd think they would know this. Well, after that fiasco, there was panic in my room because my heart had taken on a different rhythm called Atrium fib and they started an IV with medication to try and stabilize me. After one and a half packets of whatever it was, the nurse ran into my room and yanked the IV. It seems that there were some "engineers" working on the computers and they flipped the rooms so the readings they were getting from my monitor were someone else's readings. I was told that the meds they gave me would have no affect on me. Well thank God for that. So, I'm home now, feeling much better now that I have a full tank. It's amazing what your body experiences when low on blood, not to mention the lack of oxygen. Thank you to all of you who are praying for me and I think we should always pray for those who are in hospitals all over the world who are at the mercy of hospital staff, they need our prayers. Blessings, Pat

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Father (Chaplain/Major) Henry T. Vakoc, who was stationed in Iraq when he was wounded Saturday, May 29, 2007, the 12th anniversary of his ordination. He was returning from presiding at a Mass for the soldiers when his Humvee was struck by an IED (improvised explosive device). Father Tim was transported through Germany to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Pray that he is able to swallow, so that he can receive Holy Communion. For full use of his right arm, especially now as he attempts to do blessings with his right arm. For continued improvement in his speech and comprehension.

He answers all his mail, you can write him at St. Therese Nursing Home of New Hope; 8000-8008 Bass Lake Road; New Hope, MN 55428. Also, he has an email that his family helps him to maintain. Send your picture along because he likes to see who he is writing to. The email address is:


Anonymous said...

Could I please ask all the prayer warriors to offer up a prayer for Brentley. He is the young man who has been in a coma for 2 months, and his brothers and sisters have voted to pull the plug on his feeding tube. This has not been done yet, as it has to go before an ethics committee. However they say there will be no problem.
My daughter Chris has spoken to the family to have Brentley baptised. They do not have any specific religion, none have ever been to Church, nevertheless they are very adamant about having him baptised. She is at sixes and nines about what to do. There is a soul at stake here. PLEASE PLAY THAT SOMEHOW, SOME WAY Brentley can have the last anointing and Baptism. Thank you all for your prayers. I shall keep you posted as to developments. God bless you all. Donna

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. Other than wearing glasses I have never had a problem with my vision before. The cancer is not in my eye, it is under the eye but the eye is reacting to it. It's difficult to see. Please pray for clarity of vision and the wisdom to see the good that can come from this experience. Bless you all and thank you. Harriet

Anonymous said...

Lord please continue to heal my husband's body, soul and heart. Lead him back to you. Lord also help HS and PR find jobs that will support their families and use the gifts you have given them. Please heal MF's sister, AD's mother, DG, LS & AH.

Anonymous said...

A dear friend of mine asked if we would please pray for the brother inlaw of a friend who has terminal rectal cancer. His name is Romy
Aries. May God give him courage, Mercy and lots of wonderful caregivers!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my friend Mark. He is trying to come off heroin but is having major difficulties. I have known him practically all my life. He is in desperate need of your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Father Joe as he mourns the loss of his father and my friend Kenn who has recently lost his mother. May their loved ones be welcomed and embraced by our Lord in heaven.

Lizzy said...

Please pray for the intentios of my beautiful mother Jeane who turned 88 today! And please prayer for her brother, Fr. Bill who is suffering for disintegrating discs in his back.

mary pendergest said...

please pray for me and my 2 sons. that we will receive God's grace

Anonymous said...

Hi-asking for prayers for Christine & Ben and their new little baby who is to come into this world (to be induced April 18th). This little precious one has chromosomal defects that I have spoken of before.

Well, asking for a Novena to Blessed Margaret of Costello - Her Feast day is April 13th - she was beatified-Oct. 19th, 1609. She needs one more miracle - for Sainthood I believe. Let's have this little baby be the miracle she needs!

Blessed Margaret was born deformed herself and She viewed her suffering as the expression of Christ's love for her.! She has an amazing story for all of us! Thanks so much for your prayers!! I will keep you informed when I hear anything more. God bless you! Love, Sue

Anonymous said...

We pray for Danny, Joel, Marcelo and all those serving the homeless this coming Friday and Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I offer up complete neurological healing for Peter, For Joseph, self-confidence, For Marty, renewed physical health and for me, healing of the heart.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my health and mind, body and Spirit.
Thank you and may God-Bless you for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, yesterday, some of you heard that Pam wasn’t feeling well and had some low level chest pains. She went to the doctor’s and they found a blip on her EKG that they wanted to diagnose and run a series of tests on. As a precaution they sent her to the emergency room. We think Pam’s okay but they wanted her to stay overnight for observation. They think it’s nothing, and her blood work ups seem to be ok but they won’t know until they get the results of the 2nd blood test and perform a stress test this morning... God willing everything is okay, but of course, we appreciate any prayers. I’ll keep you posted when I hear from her this morning. Peace, Joel

Anonymous said...

I have a prayer request for a man I know, he just took his own life. Again, in our little town of Mesquet [a small fishing village in France], this old man was someone who dropped his fishing nets at the end of our road, where we put our fishing nets. He was a truly nice person. I asked him if he wanted to have a coffee as he was riding his bike up the street. He was definitely over 70 years old and still riding his bike, catching fish in his net and never wasting anything. If a seagull started to eat one side of the fish he would still take his fish home and he would eat the other side. I told my husband that's pretty gross and he said that's how we should be...don't waste.

This man, a man who I think only fished for his dinner. I stopped him on the road and told him "Carlos, I have so many apples in the trees, can I please give you some so they don't go to waste" and we threw in a couple of bottles of apple cider and apple juice. And Carlos said to me, " I'm paying you for this." Of course I told him he was doing a big favor in accepting the little we offered. This year I wanted to invite Carlos for Christmas dinner as it was at home with Cyril and the girls, but I never saw him before Christmas and didn't know where he lived to invite him.

I still don't know if he had family, or where he lived. What I do know is that I didn't try hard enough to find him, and now I can only pray for his soul and ask as many people as possible to pray for him. I regret not loving this person enough to have looked for him. Please pray for Carlos the fisherman.

Anonymous said...

We pray for our entire homeless family Lord. Please give them food, water, clothing, peace shelter and safety for - Eugene, Ernesto, Raby, Marvin, Moses, Juanito, Jose, Kitty, California Pur, Anthony, Blackie, Tara & Kevin (who passed away Oct. ’07) and their baby. Also, we pray for Jim, James, Pepper, William, Ken, Pio, Shannon and Shannon, Elaine, Sherry, Mitchell, Joyce, Patricia, Melanie, Gloria, and Gregory.