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Monday, July 1, 2013

URGENT: Keeping the Doors Open for Manny

If you could send this out to all your Ventura, Santa Paula and Fillmore friends . . . Our dear brother in Christ, Manny Arana (picture) who owns Manny's Auto on the corner of Ojai Street and Main Street in Santa Paula, CA is under the threat of imminent tenant eviction on Wednesday this week. He is one month past due on rent - $3,000. God forbid, but if he is shut down (the owner has already evicted the tenants in the front), 8 mechanics, their families and children will be out of jobs, food, housing and stability. What can we all do today to stop by, give him some auto work to do, possibly give him a hug, a prayer and a donation to keep his doors open?

We should also say this about Manny, here is a guy that wears Jesus on his sleeve! He has a 7 foot long altar in the shop with candles, flowers and prayers along with great pictures of Jesus of the Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart. Also many pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe proudly displayed. He's the kind of mechanic the area community would be proud to protect and keep around.  
If you would like to make a tax deductible gift, you can do so at
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