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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog IX

Pray for one another, that you may be healed. James 5:16

Welcome in! Our Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog is dedicated to pray for those dear to the heart of Jesus - the homeless, the poor, the abandoned, the crushed, and forgotten. Also, we pray for ourselves and all the "poor, suffering and homeless" in our lives.

Who do you know that is crushed, broken, lost, abandoned or hurting? Come, post as many prayer requests as you wish for yourself or others - first names or initials only. Your prayer requests will be printed and presented each day this week at one hour Adoration for the Lord‘s consideration, great mercy and compassion.

Pass it on! Let your family and friends know that even though we are often too busy for much prayer, take a minute here to post prayers; someone will daily pray for each and every request. Please return next Monday or any time this week and post new prayer requests.

Here is how to post a prayer request:
1. Click on COMMENT at the bottom of this post.
2. Click the circle Anonymous at the bottom of the page.
3. Type your prayer request in the box at the top of the page.
4. Use your first name or initials at the end of what you wrote.
5. Visually check your spelling (no spell check)
6. Fill in the wavy letters in the security box.
7. Click on publish and send it heaven’s door.
8. Have faith - about the size of a grain of a mustard seed.

Return tomorrow for the Tuesday Morning Praise Blog! Give thanks to God for His mercy and compassion and for answering prayers for all the "poor" in our lives!

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Anonymous said...

We must pray for peace and for God to multiply love and tolerance in this world, so that this type of hatred exhibited among religions will cease to exist. Pam

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me and a ministry for children the Lord has given me to do for Him. Pam

Anonymous said...

We pray for our entire homeless family Lord. Please give them food, water, clothing, peace shelter and safety especially for -Eugene, Ernesto, Raby, Marvin, Moses, Juanito, Jose, Kitty, California Pur, Anthony, Blackie, Tara & Kevin (who passed away Oct. ’07) and their baby. Also, we pray for Jim, James, Pepper, William, Ken, Pio, Shannon and Shannon, Elaine, Sherry, Mitchell, Joyce, Patricia, Melanie, Sergit, her mother and their children, Gloria, and Gregory.

Joel said...

Please pray for the healing of my wife, for the safety of our daughter as she gets ready to go to college, and for all those pursuing priestly vocations, that the holy spirit may truly work through them and continue to inspire us.

M.F. said...

please pray for me and my youth ministry ambitions, so that i will hopefully be able to continue to follow in God's chosen path for me...and also to make it out of a currently bad situation with a bad person.

Anonymous said...

My friend M. Wilson has been sent to the emergency room. She has been diagnosed with cancer and needs emergency surgery. Please have prayers offered in her behalf for the Glory of God. Thank you. Peace in Christ. Ray

Anonymous said...

...Today was a surreal day at the office. My boss dropped dead this morning. 46 years old, a wife and three children ages 6-12 left behind. It sure puts life in perspective. Keep the Chavez family in your prayers. Danny

Anonymous said...

Please pray for the continued and complete healing of Fr. Tim Vakoc -

That he is able to swallow, so that he can receive Holy Communion.

For full use of his right arm, especially now as he attempts to do blessings with his right arm.

For continued improvement in his speech and comprehension.

God bless, Harriett

Anonymous said...

Also, Fr. Tim has contracted pneumonia and was unable to undergo his neck surgery today. Pray for a speedy recovery so that he can have this surgery.

Anonymous said...

Last night there was a terrible fire at Little Portion Hermitage in Arkansas, the home of John Michael Talbot and the Brothers and Sisters of Charity. Praise God the fire did not reach the living quarters which are all a distance away from the main buildings, but destroyed all the administrative offices, the beautiful chapel, the library, kitchen , storage areas, and all of the warehousing for Troubadour for the Lord, etc. Everything is gone.

Typical of a person of unshakeable faith, John Michael this morning said, "God has stripped us of unnecessary things." How would any of us cope if we lost everything all at once?

Please pray for John Michael and his wife, Viola and the entire community of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity to have strength as they settle into their new temporary lifestyle and begin the arduous task of rebuilding their monastery and surroundings. Marie

Anonymous said...

Fr. Miles, a parish priest at my church, fell and broke his hip last night and cut and bruised his eye badly. He is undergoing a hip replacement. Please pray for him and those caring for him and pass this on to all your prayer warriars. Also please keep in your prayers that all will work out with him going to rehab. Please continue to pray for him until I send an update regarding his status....


Anonymous said...

Could you please raise my son TJ to your prayers? He is 19, confused, not knowing what he wants to do with his life. I have mailed him a Miraculous Medal, which he is wearing, and placed him into the motherly care of Blessed Mary. He is a lukewarm Catholic just beginning to show some interest in Fatima now. He has also had some trouble in his life he has to overcome.

Please pray that he responds to the call of Jesus for a vocation to be a great holy priest, if Jesus is indeed calling. I have promised Heaven I would be his prayer support forever. Otherwise, pray for his full conversion to Christ.

In Jesus, a loving Mom

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Brother Chad who just underwent heart surgery.

I want to get request this out as soon as I can so you folks can begin to pray.

I will try to keep you posted. It is great to have you prayer warriors that can be called on for your help. PTL

Thank you so much.
God Bless, Gayle