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Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Day Only Opportunity: Eliminates the Homelessness of Purgatory

Friends, the Lord's mercy would like to have us all in Heaven! In the year 1216 St. Francis obtained the Porziuncola plenary indulgence (also known as a Pardon) from the Lord in a vision and later approved by Pope Honorius III. Normally obtainable each year on August 2 and 15, it is also expanded to include this Sunday (today) following. A plenary indulgence is the full pardon of all punishment time due to sin a person has accumulated over his or her lifetime (no years of suffering in Purgatory if you die on Monday). (Protestant friends, think of it this way, "do the crime - pay the time." as in the parable of the "Unmerciful Servant".) Here are the conditions of the Porziuncola plenary indulgence: 1. Go and make a "good" confession this evening or within 8 days. 2. Attend mass at a parish and also receive communion. 3. Recite one "Our Father" and one "Apostles Creed." 4. Pray for the prayer intentions of Pope Francis. In the words of a Dominican pastor and military chaplain, it was his only Sunday homily that took seconds to deliver; "It's your soul, save it!"
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