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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Caramel was Everywhere!

The team has been working hard making crafts and hosting fundraisers for the homeless this fall.  However, last Friday’s “Fear Not” Halloween Youth & Family Night was a time to celebrate and now the smiles live on! To get ready for the evening, Christian, Evan and Joachim spent the day visiting the McGrath Farms pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins for the raffle and picking oak tree nuts to paint with glitter and gold and include in this year’s pinecone Christmas crafts. Their sister Ella joined the team at dinner time enjoying Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies before the party began.

Mental note for next year, “Don’t use the tubs of dipping caramel from the produce department when making candy apples. The caramel never hardens and when the kids went to eat them, turned the place into the equivalent of a game of summertime ‘Slip & Slide.’” Caramel was everywhere!

Congratulations to Claudia and her family, the winner of the pumpkin carving (she bought 5 tickets which helped)! Joachim’s dad, Carlos joined the event for the first time as well as Evan and Ella’s dad, Art made it over as well. They were both successful in playing the “Angels and Afterlife” quiz game. Here are sample questions, one set for kids and one set for adults. Everyone won prizes! Enjoy the pics too . . .

The devil before he decided to be bad was what?
A. A father of 4 children
B. Manager of a McDonald’s Restaurant
C. A beautiful angel.

One dark stormy night Jesus’s friends were in a fishing boat at sea all alone, frightened, scared, shaking, cold, and hungry and they saw whom?
A. Ghost
B. Moby Dick, the gigantic whale
C. Jesus walking on water

Who in the Bible witnessed a ghostly hand moving in the air writing on a castle wall?
A. King Belshazzar
B. King David
C. Prophet Daniel

For which king did the pagan witch of Endor call up the prophet Samuel from the dead?
A. Saul
B. David
C. Hezzekiah

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