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Monday, November 4, 2013

“You don’t get to pick your family so learn to live with them.”

Caryll Houselander, says it so well . . .  “Our oneness, our kinship, everything that binds us, depends on this, that God is our Father. This decides our attitude to our enemies. The enemy may kill our brothers, but he is himself our brother. A hard fact? Yes, it may be, but deny it and we deny God’s Fatherhood.

 “Christ is brother to us all. God is Father to us all. Our Father loves all his children and grieves over all their suffering, all their sins, all their blindness, all their folly. Think of all Christ says of our Father: the story of the prodigal son; the gifts of sun and rain to the just and the unjust alike; how often he stresses that none on this earth are exempt from his bounty, that we may not sort out, separate, good from bad; God is the Father, intent upon saving everyone. God is the Father of sinners as well as saints. He is the Father of the poor, Father of the afflicted, he expects us to treat them all as brothers, as his dear children.

Having one common Father we have certain fundamental things in common; all want happiness, no matter how different the conception of it; all desire to love; all have some family resemblance to God our Creator, our Father. Therefore this Fatherhood is our one hope for peace for the coming of God’s kingdom, for all else that we pray for in the ‘Our Father.’”(This War is the Passion, 2008, Ave Maria Press, Inc., Notre Dame, Indiana)

In a world that is so divided on almost every issue, that has chosen to hate instead of love, that usually puts self above self-sacrifice, let us pray today to let God, our Father, use us in any way He sees fit to bring all His children back into His loving presence.

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