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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Love and Hugs

Between yesterday and today, we received about 100 likes!  That is, the elderly who sat through both Saturday and Sunday Christmas concerts at area nursing homes unanimously had a great time, and so did the nursing staff.  Last night you saw some pics from St. Joseph's in Ojai on Saturday.  Today, after performing in the main lobby to a full house at Vista Cove, here are a few photos from our time in Santa Paula.  Miguel, after the concert is giving love and hugs to the old folks, as well as Lupe, his mother-in-law, Nancy Pena, his wife, their daughter Julissa, Lourdes and her children Lea and Nathan as well as her mother Felipe and DiaClau Montevene and her daughter Valerie are out there too.

The next Christmas concert is a street performance at 6pm, Saturday, December 14th, Ventura, CA, Main Street.  The choir will also perform at Treacy Villa nursing home, Ventura, CA in December.  At each concert the elderly receive hand decorated pine cones to spice up their night stands for the holidays as well as handmade rosaries by "Our Lady of the Rosary Makers" in San Leandro, CA, Alberta, Canada, Seattle, WA and by Claire in San Luis Obispo, CA.  May God bless everyone that makes this all happen!
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