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Monday, December 2, 2013

Don't Drink or Chew

In Bible colleges there is a popular and somewhat comical saying circulating among the students, "Don't drink or chew or go with girls that do!"  It’s a reflection of the pressure Christians feel from self and others to obey the letter of the Church law - to be perfect.  But Paul tells us in Romans that the law is for only one purpose, one purpose only - it is given so that God may consign everyone to sin (all are sinners - does not matter which sin you choose - everyone's a sinner).  However, Paul tells us that according to the law we are all locked in as sinners so that God can then turn around and show mercy on us all.  If you try to follow the law, it will never save - if failing in one letter of the law you fail the whole law.  However, if you humble yourself before the mercy of God, salvation is for you - available to all sinners.  Humble yourself and accept the mercy of God and he will exalt you.  Don't try to follow the law - according to Paul, it is impossible to do.  Peter backs this up in 1st/2nd Peter - "Love covers a multitude of sin."  It is also called the "law of mercy" and "the law of freedom" in James chapter two. The more mercy and love you show to others, through God's mercy, those loving works cover a multitude of sins that one can never completely eliminate in this lifetime.  The message?  Worry about sin less, don't try to be perfect, it's impossible - love, be merciful, and forgive more!

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