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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fine Wines and Food Delicacies

We remember today, St. John of the Cross, considered to be THE poet of Spain.  He was born in poverty and lived a life for the poor.  He was despised by the superior general of the monastery for his simplicity, was hated by the brother priests, kidnapped by the powerful clergy of the day, jailed in a 2nd floor broom closet for 9 months, beaten thrice weekly in hopes he would recant poverty and convert to the customary wealthy life of fine wines and food delicacies of the monks.  However, John, weakened by starvation and beatings, escaped one night by the grace of God to the convent of Saint Theresa of Avila. He is well known for his literary work, "Dark Night of the Soul."

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Lisa Young said...

Pizza Paradiso Orlando sends our regards, congratulations and salute your kindness. Success is found in Charity, thats what I believe. GOd speed!