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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jehova Jireh

May God bless our dear brother, Orlando Sr., he's been leading the Servants of the Father of Mercy moving team since it all began this past Saturday. On Monday Orlando began to lead the clean-up and renovation team too. The new warehouse is a real fixer upper. The owner is sending in the electrician tomorrow to put up new lights and cap off wires that seem to go nowhere. Today Orlando put a new linoleum floor in the bathroom.  Yesterday, he and Angelique and her friend Kinsey painted all 2,000 sq. ft.

This Friday is OPEN HOUSE not to be missed at 6pm, pizza dinner and prayers and blessings for the new HQ in Ventura. Call Orlando, Maggie, Miguel or myself and we'll give you directions. The new place is near WinCo and the Office Depot off Telephone Road/Market Street area. Who all is planning to attend OPEN HOUSE and YOUTH & FAMILY NIGHT this Friday? 
Btw this coming Saturday morning at 8am is a garage sale in front of the new place. Who all has some household stuff to bring? Angelique and Cathy are planning to bring some things too. 

Many thanks to Mai Pham, Pam, Joel, Mark, Fr. John, Fr. Frank, Miguel, Angela, Ira, Maggie, Ramon and his brother Saul and so many that have made this move possible with hard labor, contributions, love and prayers!  Please pray, pray, pray and beg, beg, beg asking loved ones to help out financially at this critical time.  There is still a need of about $1,500 to cover city inspection, fire inspection, linoleum floor tile replacements, kitchen sink, electric deposit, Farmers Insurance, piano tuning and other unforeseen associated move expenses that seem to daily surprise us and have mounted up seemingly out of nowhere!   Jehova Jireh, "YHWH will provide!"
Here are some before pics of the new place . . .

P. S. God willing we will resume homeless supplies pickups, deliveries and more to help our homeless family beginning in February once the big move is behind us.  The choir members performing at elderly care facilities this Eastertime will begin spring concert practice the first week in March.


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