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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The First Boy Band and their Mother

While reflecting on scripture this morning, we remember Mary and the beginnings of the early Church today as we gather for prayer on this Sunday, the Lord's day.  It was during the time of the “Acts of the Apostle”, the time of nascent beginnings around 30 A.D. and the miraculous immergence of the early Church. God made it happen through the power of the Holy Spirit and the strong presence of Mary, Christ's mother remaining and living among the apostles.  She is both the womb and the catalyst of this new "boy band" as well as the mother of all women, men and children of the entire Christian church today.  By her sustaining counsel among the disciples, undoubtedly Mary gave birth to this new child, (the body of Christ) via her physical presence and the words she spoke after Jesus ascended into heaven (Cf. Luke 24:50-53).  These events occurred at a time prior to her own assumption into heaven which holy scripture does not tell us when it took place or how long Mary remained on earth in this birthing role. Today however, Christ reveals to us on this Sunday that the post-ascension Mother, “Mary spoke his words through the tree.”  The tree is the cross and we are reminded through Saint Stephen our martyred brother and model, that he is the first disciple among many that would both hear and fulfill Mary's words (Cf. Acts 7) - meaning her acute understanding of the cross.


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