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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Laws Against Feeding the Homeless!

The recent case of an Alabama pastor who was prohibited from feeding the homeless has renewed scrutiny on cities that have made this charitable act an illegal one.

Pastor Rick Wood recently was ordered by Birmingham, Ala., police to stop handing out hotdogs and bottled water to the homeless in a city park.

Wood, who preaches at The Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta – a mining town about 35 miles northeast of Birmingham -- says he was approached last month by law enforcement officers and told he was in violation of a new ordinance that requires food trucks to obtain a permit if they want to sell food.

Wood told the cops he wanted to hand out the food, not sell it – but it didn’t matter.

“This makes me so mad,” Wood told a local news station. “These people are hungry, they’re starving. They need help from people. They can’t afford to buy something from a food truck.”

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