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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Valentine Propehcies"

It was Valentine's Day February 2013 when God began to speak to David Dellit a devote Christian from Australia, but who had been ostracized from a “perfect church” he had been attending for many years.  He instructed David to simply type what He heard and share it with the world, calling it the "Valentine Prophecies.”

In the "Valentine Prophecies", God says in part . . .

“Have you ensured that everyone knows I love them, and I saved them, and I want them in heaven with me forever; and that all they have to do is seek my heart, fall in love with me and with my Father? No, you have thrown books at them, not lavished them with my patience and love, as I do you. You convert them to a church, to a faith, to a religion. You do not introduce them to me or to my Father. You give them rules. You make sure that they are not divorced, or homosexual, or a thief, or a smoker, or a drinker, or a gambler, or a dancer. You introduce them to a set of rules. You have introduced them to a Pharisee, not to me. You have introduced them to someone who is itching to find some reason to reject them, with something to teach them, with something to correct them. Worst of all, you called your abomination of faith godly! How dare you? Repent now. Fall at my feet and weep in deep sorrow for breaking my heart. I am not the one you have taught others about. I am filled with love.”  Jesus


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