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Monday, October 31, 2016

Have a Heart, Thanks to PayPal!

Today, thanks be to God for PayPal, they just made it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world with a HEART to give a little each month to help serve the 80,000 homeless in Southern California we deliver to - giving them food, water, sneakers, socks, shoes, prayer cards and more. Possibly you are too busy to crawl under bridges or drive to a mountainside to help underserved poor people, but you can donate a monthly financial gift, let our truck and volunteers do the rest. So have a HEART! Donate online, keeping the homeless right between your electric and Starbucks bills! God will bless you and your family. Lastly, let us all always remember, "A homeless person without a bottle of water in their hand is a dead homeless person!" bro. gary joseph, founder - Servants of the Father of Mercy

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